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“Oh Captain Dan Tastic, why oh why won’t ye write a blog?” 

This is the question every 2-6 year old ask me…..


Now that might not be strictly true, however, as the UK’s only pirate magician, with over 500 parties and events under m’belt, I suppose I do have a bit of knowledge when it comes to the wee baby buccaneers! So it’s family blog ahoy!


The Captain’s Blog will be providing information on fun activities for the young scalawags, fun competitions, party ideas, craft videos, good locations for cheap days out and other such helpful information. How much you may ask? NOTHING! As we all know, Captain Dan Tastic is a nice pirate and is here to create a big of magic in children’s lives as well as give a helpful tip or two to ye wonderful parents out there!


As sad as I am to admit it, I understand that children will not love pirates forever! So there will be many blog posts from the rest of the gang!


Em-Mazing the Mermaid
Deputy Dan Tastic
Tiger Lily
Professor Dan Tastic
Doctor Em-Mazing
Master Dan Tass’
Padawan E’Maze


We all hope that you enjoy this labour of love and get something from it, if there is anything you would like us to write about or have any questions then PLEASE send us a ship a bottle and we’d be happy to take your ideas aboard! 


Tide and time wait for no man,


Captain Dan Tastic

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