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Pirate Ladies Are As Important As Pirate Lads

Ahoy Shipmates!

I’ve been performing at birthdays, christenings, schools and festivals for many years now, over 500 shows to over 10,000 children!

However in the last week I’ve noticed something I’ve never seen before….

Last week on Britain’s Got Talent a little boy read out some jokes that his father wrote for him. One of which involved calling an adult woman a ‘dog’.

People laughed on the show and brushed it off, but I knew as soon as I saw it, it would be a problem…. Little ones imitate anything they see others get attention for, the little boy got attention for calling a woman a dog, so clearly that must be okay?

It’s not

Telling a young boy it’s okay to call a woman a dog is NOT okay

Within a week I’ve witnessed at least 10 young boys call girls AND moms helping put on birthday parties “dogs”. I’ve made a point of it and explained to the children that insulting a woman based on her looks to get attention is NOT an acceptable thing to do.

At least 50% of my shows these days are booked for birthday girls, because I always make a point of trying to empower women and tell them that they are as strong and capable as any pirate out their. Allowing childhood misogyny to sneak into our young buccaneers lives via the backdoor of television is ONLY a bad thing, unless we use this as an opportunity to discuss with our little lads and lasses the importance of gender equality.

Girls are allowed to like pirates
Boys are allowed to like Frozen

Girls are allowed to dress like superheroes
Boys are allowed to wear pink and sparkly things

Girls are allowed to play football
Boys are allowed to dance and sing

So have a chat with your pint sized pirate today, about being nice, about being fair, about being better than bullies and most importantly about being the best version of themselves they can be!

Till the tide brings us together again shipmates!

Captain Dan Tastic ⚓

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Agent Dan Tastic joins the crew!



We hope you give Agent Dan Tastic a big warm welcome as a member of the Dan Tastic crew!

Agent Dan Tastic will be providing the coolest spy parties with huge Nerf gun battles and secret agent gadget magic!

The Dan Tastic family is already very busy, so make sure to get in contact to book your special spy’s birthday party today!

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy Shipmates! We’re running a new competition to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day!


Simply click here and do any of the following;

  1. Tag a friend’s name
  2. Share Captain Dan Tastic’s post
  3. Send us a picture of you dressed up like a pirate!

You can win 1001 Pirate Things To Spot as well as £50 for you or a friend towards your very own Captain Dan Tastic Pirate Party!

So get your baby buccaneers (or yourself) into your best pirate garb and make sure to have lots of fun on this sunny Monday!

Good luck shipmates and have a DanTastic pirate day! ⚓

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Festival Season

family friendly festival

Alas, I never thought I’d see worse weather than at sea, but how could I forget the British summer!

After a couple of days of glorious sunshine we’re back to clouds and low teens temperature for a while…

Worry not though shipmates, for the festival season is just around the corner!


I started my pirate career performing at a family friendly festivals and I still try to keep my calender free so I can entertain and wow children at a few festivals every summer. There is something pure and beautiful about a family attending a festival together, away from the internet, video games and tablets there is a whole world of family interaction to be had! Whether you spend your time dancing to live music, laughing at entertainers, getting involved in interactive games and shows or even just reading a story in your tent, there is literally fun for the whole family.


The UK is spoilt for choice when it comes to family friendly festivals, you don’t have to travel far to find one. I will write another post about suggested festival equipment, but for now, maybe just have a think about where you could squeeze in a festival, even if it’s just a day ticket, your children will love it and you won’t forget the experience together.


Family Friendly Festivals in Captain Dan Tastic’s schedule

Dubs In The Middle – Worcestershire – May 27th – 30th

Glastonbury Festival – Somerset – June 22nd – 26th

Blissfields – Hampshire – July 1st – 2nd

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The Captain’s bLog!

family blog


“Oh Captain Dan Tastic, why oh why won’t ye write a blog?” 

This is the question every 2-6 year old ask me…..


Now that might not be strictly true, however, as the UK’s only pirate magician, with over 500 parties and events under m’belt, I suppose I do have a bit of knowledge when it comes to the wee baby buccaneers! So it’s family blog ahoy!


The Captain’s Blog will be providing information on fun activities for the young scalawags, fun competitions, party ideas, craft videos, good locations for cheap days out and other such helpful information. How much you may ask? NOTHING! As we all know, Captain Dan Tastic is a nice pirate and is here to create a big of magic in children’s lives as well as give a helpful tip or two to ye wonderful parents out there!


As sad as I am to admit it, I understand that children will not love pirates forever! So there will be many blog posts from the rest of the gang!


Em-Mazing the Mermaid
Deputy Dan Tastic
Tiger Lily
Professor Dan Tastic
Doctor Em-Mazing
Master Dan Tass’
Padawan E’Maze


We all hope that you enjoy this labour of love and get something from it, if there is anything you would like us to write about or have any questions then PLEASE send us a ship a bottle and we’d be happy to take your ideas aboard! 


Tide and time wait for no man,


Captain Dan Tastic

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