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Science Days with Professor Dan Tastic & Doctor Em-Mazing will astound your students!

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Professor Dan Tastic & Doctor Em-Mazing will take your students on an amazing scientific adventure! A science day full of experiments, games, dancing and fun!

Professor Dan Tastic & Doctor Em-Mazing will take your students on an exciting trail of scientific discovery and experiments!

Our aim is to help the students build an understanding, appreciation and feeling of excitement towards science through our demonstrations using a range of scientific equipment.

Students will observe that through using scientific methods they are able to answer questions in different ways about the world around them and hopefully take that scientific knowledge forward to understand the uses and implications of science in our world! 

We cover the following areas;

History of Science
Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen & Chemical Reactions
Electricity, Electrical Circuits & Uses of Electricity
Conduciveness of Metal Compared To Other Objects
LASERs, Light & Straight Paths of Light
Bernoulli’s Principal
Magnets, Magnetic Forces & Uses of Magnets
Oobleck, Non-Newtonian Liquids & Changing Shapes
Class Photos


Making slime, volcanoes, smoke vortexes, levitating Deathstars up in the air, arcs of electricity from our van de graaff generator, popping balloons with our super powered LASER and many more experiments!


As Captain Dan Tastic’s “twin” brother, you know that this science workshop will be brimming with excitement and energy and your little scientists will leave LOVING science and wanting to be scientists when they grow up!


Whether your school is celebrating Science Week or you want something special for your class to bring science to life our science days will have your students yelling “Science is awesome!”


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