Superhero Workshops

Looking for relevant superhero school workshops for your ks1 or ks2? 

Aqua Dan is the superhero you need to bring the topic to life!

Offering a four-stage workshop which will bring superheroes to life and spark a love for learning, don’t miss your chance to book one of the most exciting education workshop facilitators in the UK!


superhero entertainer party


Superheroes and Villains

Looking at many of the famous and not so famous superheroes, villains, sidekicks, non-humans and team ups.

Captain America to Wolverine, Doctor Octopus to Magneto, Robin to Falcon and X-Men to The Avengers.


Weapons and Costumes

Bringing superheroes to life by letting students look at a wide range of weapons, gadgets and costumes used by superheroes over the years.

Batman’s Batarangs, Spider-Man’s mask, Superman’s cape, Wolverine’s dog tags, Iron Man’s arc reactor, Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and more!

Gender and Ethnic Diversity 

Opening up student’s eyes to the wide range of superheroes from all backgrounds, nationalities, religions, races and gender.

Learning about different places and cultures using the superhero theme.


Looking Back at the History of Superheroes and Comics

Giving children an understanding of the long and rich history of superheroes by looking back over the 80 years since Superman debuted in 1937. Covering subjects like The Golden Age of Comics, Marvel v DC,Superheroes during WWII, Superheroes on the radio and all the way up to Marvel Cinematic Universe that kids love today.

Arts and Crafts

Aqua Dan will lead the class in drawing a comic book cover, getting the students to brainstorm the different parts they should draw, getting the little crimefighters to use their imagination, listening and drawing skills.


Interactive Storytelling

Having a love of books and reading from a young age will help the young heroes retain the love for learning throughout their future school years.


Group Games

Getting the kids running around, taking part in cooperative team activities and blowing off some superhero steam!


Aqua Dan will bring fun and excitement into your class, leaving your students with a new reinvigorated love for education!


superhero school workshop 


Carleton Park Infant and Junior School
Carleton Park Infant and Junior School
I booked Captain Dan Tastic as a celebration event to end our class topic on Pirates. 
Captain Dan Tastic was FANTASTIC! His engagement with the children was fabulous and energetic! He presented a day of cross curricular activities and workshops covering Maths, literacy, PE, Drama, geography, history, story telling and much more in a fun and engaging way. He clearly had my Year 2 Crew on board with their learning!
The children were enthused and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I will definitely be booking Pirate Dan again and would thoroughly recommend him to any teacher who needs a real life pirate for the day!

Dove Bank Primary School
Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent

I booked Captain Dan for my 2s room and Nursery class to link in with our Pirate Topic. He managed the day well doing a range of activities with the children, including some fun facts and treasure map drawing. The children loved the interactive outdoor session best and are still talking about it several weeks later. A good day was had by all and I would definitely recommend him!

Sedlescombe Primary
Hastings, East Sussex

Captain Dan Tastic provided an incredible day long workshop for three classes (2 x Reception & 1 x Year One). With such a wide array of activities, props, stories, historical item and games the children were entirely mesmerized by the Captain! So much attention to detail and he made every child feel special, even leaving them with treasure of their own to keep. Will definitely be booking him again next year!

Playden Primary
Rye, East Sussex

We had heard great things about Captain Dan Tastic's workshops, but he exceeded our wildest dreams! The way he was completely involved with the children on their level, they were 100% engaged throughout the whole day. They haven't stopped talking about him for weeks!


Hadfield Nursery School
Hadfield Nursery School

This was Captain Dan Tastic's first visit to our setting (and we're sure it won't be the last!)  Dan adapted very well to the small awkward space we had available for him to use.  He performed in front of a large group of 90 children and was very skilled at keeping them fully engaged throughout.  The children loved joining in with all the actions, and he included lots of movement to keep our physical learners very motivated.  The show was a great success, very entertaining and lots of fun. 

We are looking forward to Captain Dan Tastic sailing into our setting again later this year!

Southglade Primary

Ahoy there Captain Dan! Dan came to our primary school last week to kick start our new topic of Pirates and he certainly got us off to a great start. The morning was spent finding out about a range of Pirate information. Dan is very knowledgeable on the subject and was fantastic at communicating with the children. He made them (and the teachers) laugh, showed them artifacts and got them completely involved. They were spellbound! In the afternoon we had all 60 children in the hall and Dan had no problems keeping them entertained with games, songs and stories. It was pretty mad at times and the children absolutely loved it. Many described it as 'the best day ever' and we got some fantastic writing about Pirates the following day. This is the second year that Dan has visited us, and we would definitely book again next year.


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